The Sweet Rowan

by Keira Dominguez

Penny has never been what one would call conventional, but deceiving her family to escape to Scotland to find her magic: Shocking.


Penny Thornton loved her magic with all her heart. After being burned in a barn fire while trying to save people and creatures, she despaired she’d never feel magic again.

When her fingers brush a letter from Scotland addressed to a neighbor, Penny’s heart soars. There’s magic in that letter, and she’s certain the source of the magic is its author or his location.

Defying convention and general good sense, which does not recommend a high-born young lady travel alone, she constructs a tangled ruse to deceive her family, and takes off to the wilds of Scotland.

What awaits her are challenges she never bargained for. But in navigating the obstacles and hurdles she encounters, she finds a man with a heart of gold, and a family in need of the magic of her love.