by M Tasia

When the soul of a good man meets the heart of a warrior, it takes only the strike of a match to ignite the fires that burns in both of them.


Stryker, a career Navy SEAL working with an elite team, gets drawn into a mission with the men of Fire Lake. When he crosses paths with Gator's friend, John, Stryker - a lone wolf all his life - is drawn to John's light and warmth.

Stryker is torn between duty and desire, and finds himself navigating a world filled with old secrets and new dangers. As his bond with John deepens, long-buried truths surface, challenging John to confront his past and embrace a future where love may be his greatest strength or his ultimate vulnerability.

Stryker can't fight the pull any longer and succumbs to love, where he finds loyalty, and something he can't believe is real: family.