The Stallion & The Tigress

by Michele James

Sahar isn’t the pampered, spoiled princess cocksure Aleksi accuses her of being - she’s going to beat him in the races he brags he’ll win and take the gold he covets.


Bastard son of a king, Aleksandr has scrimped and saved to attend the races at King Asad's City by the Sea. Nothing will stop Aleksi from returning home with a string of fine horses, a sizable purse of gold, and an easy tempered wife who will bear his children. What he finds is a spitting tigress with unparalleled beauty, a will of iron, and a mare she assures him will beat his stallion. She's also the king's pampered, spoiled daughter and is off limits. But that doesn't seem to matter when passion burns so hot propriety is ignored and all the rules are broken.