Soul Crushing

by L.P. Maxa

After everything Jace has been through, he has no expectations about his future, and he certainly doesn't expect love, but it finds him and rips him wide open.


Having been raised by an evil, vile man - his father - Jace, who has finally found a home with his chosen family, will do anything to protect his pack even at the expense of his own happiness. But when wild, reckless, unbelievably gorgeous, Axie Contreau puts herself in his path, his world is turned upside down. He can't have what he should claim, and when he learns she's betrayed him and brought danger to his pack's doorstep, he won't allow her to jeopardize the lives of the people he loves. Complications have no place in his well-ordered world, yet Axie wedges her way into his life forcing him to eliminate the threat to his pack once and for all. Now, he has to decide if he can endure risking his heart.