A Smile in a Beautiful Sky

by Sherell Cummings

After an accident at seventeen takes her memory, there is something the adult Skylar Danes has to remember in her old hometown…but only her heart knows what.


Tragedy. Misery. Pain. Skylar Danes longs to forget those feelings and the past that gave them to her. When she loses her memory—all seventeen years of her life—in a terrible accident, she’s given a chance to begin again. Surely it’s a blessing in disguise. Except, Skylar could never shake the feeling that there’s something she’s supposed to remember.

Years later, an ideal job opportunity arises back in the place where everything changed. Desperate for answers, Sky jumps at the chance—and finds a mysterious, sexy-as-hell man she’s never met. Or has she? This pull she feels… It’s almost as if her heart has been calling out for him. Giving in to that pull will destroy all she believed she knew and threaten her very life. But it will also make her whole.