The Seduction of Cameron Mackay

by Sheri Humphreys

Pulled by a deep yearning, Cameron MacKay must find the strength to do the right thing and reject Elissa Lockwood's love.


Cameron MacKay dedicated his life to atoning for an unforgivable mistake by becoming a surgeon beyond compare. During the Crimean War, he meets Nightingale nurse Elissa Lockwood in Turkey, and she makes him believe that redemption, love and happiness are within his grasp. When he returns to the battlefront, Cam learns his dreams were little more than fantasy.


Their love affair discovered, Elissa is sent back to England in disgrace. Even worse, she receives a letter from Cameron that leaves her disillusioned and heartbroken. Back in London, she finds employment and is shocked to discover Cam working at the same hospital. But he is not the confident man she once knew. He’s drinking, and not performing surgery - he’s lost his nerve and his spirit. Their problems seem insurmountable, and they are ready to admit they don’t belong to each other when life shows them that together they can conquer anything.