Queen of Jastain

by Kary Rader

The Light brought her to the hero of Jastain, but now, modern-day Texan Abby Randall must fight an epic battle before she can become his queen.


For twenty years, Avant has faithfully awaited the arrival of the Chosen One, a hero who will fight by his side to restore the missing Crown and drive Darkness from the kingdom of Jastain. But when the Light’s champion finally appears, Avant’s attraction to her threatens his long-held beliefs, his plan for revenge against the Dark king, and two decades of fidelity to a stolen bride.


Abby Randall can’t possibly be Sir Hots-a-lot’s “One.” Sure, she was mysteriously transported to this medieval land from Dallas, but her only super powers are shopping and party-planning. Yet, destiny will not be denied any more than their forbidden passion. She and Avant must journey to face the very source of evil, and there they will learn that only great love—and even greater sacrifice—will make her his prophesied Queen of Jastain.