The People's Champion

by Jenna Lincoln

After learning everything in her life was a lie, warriors Mara and Dalin are the only hope for the Laskan Commonwealth of Planets—and for each other.


After discovering her true identity as a daughter of the Tree, and also the horrible fact that the war she’d been fighting was nothing more than a staged practice dreamt up by a maniacal queen, young Mara reunites with her long-lost family on Laska. But that planet holds new perils, and the “normal world” is anything but. She and the only person she can trust—her beloved Dalin—must fight on.

Their first step is infiltration of The Queen’s Mess, an infamous royal military academy where students die as a matter of course. Then they’ll be separated. She and Dalin, with swords, fists,and every weapon at their disposal, have pledged their lives to their quest—and to each other. When they come back together, nothing will be the same.