Once, Again

by Emily Wright Mims

After losing his wife and unborn son to violence, Alex Navarro knew he could never love again, yet, when an old acquaintance comes begging for his help, what starts out as a ruse to save her brother turns into a love he swore he’d never find again.


The survivor of a brutal attack, Misty Martinez has just come home to San Antonio to put her life back together when her little brother is framed for selling drugs. Her father insists she help, but to clear her brother’s name and find the real culprits she must go undercover, joining a band and posing as the girlfriend of the wealthy widower and owner of the nightclub where her brother worked.

Alex Navarro is sensual, compelling...and arrogant and embittered, unable to return Misty’s love, as his heart still belongs to his dead wife. Yet their attraction is there, undeniable, mutual, all-consuming. A choice might be made to find pleasure in a moment, but something sweeter begs to be tasted. This love is like the redemption Misty is seeking for her family—difficult, dangerous, and the only thing that can destroy the demons of the past.