My Thing with Timothy Kay

by Misty Urban

Dale freaks out when a potential stalker is outside the hotel where she works, then learns she's just hosed down one of Hollywood’s hottest and finest directors who's scouting the area.


Dale’s in New Mexico licking her wounds. It’s hard getting over a broken marriage, but seeing her daughter move on with her dad and his new wife is so much tougher.

When a stalker walks up the pathway of the inn where Dale’s working as the landscape designer, she attacks him with a mega blast from the garden hose. Turns out he’s a new guest, and instead of booking in, he decided to take a tour around the inn.

She’s not in the mood to play host, not even when she learns he’s Timothy Kay, one of Hollywood’s top film directors who’s scouting for a new location for his next movie.

When the need to make amends overtakes her good judgment, she offers to give him a tour of the town.

As the saying goes: one thing leads to another.

Getting close to the hot A-lister is cut short when social media explodes with death threats from leaked compromising pictures of her daughter and her best friend.

Once catastrophe is averted, Dale doesn’t know if fixing her relationship with Timothy a possibility or just another in a long line of disappointments and heartbreak.