Merry Belle and the Holiday Hookers of Larkspur Lake

by Marianne Stillings

Small-town Sheriff Devlin Montgomery and murder suspect Merry Belle Noelle have every reason to distrust each other, but with her pack of wacky holiday crochet nut friends involved, this crazy and mysterious yarn will end in love.


Merry Belle Noelle has a ridiculous name and a horrible past. Her deep dark secrets are well-hidden from the customers of her fabric and yarn shop, especially those who have become her dearest friends, a crocheting and knitting group aptly named the Holiday Hookers. But when Merry's beloved stepfather turns up dead clutching a necklace she hasn't seen in years, everything starts to unravel. Her past is looping back to snare her and the town's gorgeous lawman.

Sheriff Devlin Montgomery left big-city policing for the quiet of small-town living, and nothing is quieter and smaller than Larkspur Lake, Washington. Until a man turns up dead in the lake. The prime suspect, beautiful Merry Belle Noelle, is an unlikely murderer, but Devlin has to follow the evidence--until everything he thinks he knows goes sideways and a group of Merry Belle's friends, a crocheting and knitting circle, become a weird posse. This mystery is the strangest yarn they've ever seen--and it will end with love.