The Last Big Fake

by Kate Kerns

From forgeries to fake fiancée, Darcy's life hasn't been exactly authentic, but her growing feelings for the man she has no intention of marrying might scuttle her plans to play let's pretend one last time.


When Seth Moreau offered Darcy Smith a job in his upscale art gallery, he had no idea two years later she'd be his fake fiancée helping him keep his inheritance out of his nefarious brother's hands.

Darcy Sherwood - her real name...Seth doesn't know he unwittingly hired an art forger - learns the estranged brother is none other than Victor, her dangerous ex-boss from her forgery days.

Keeping each other secrets doesn't last long. Victor tries to blackmail her into doing one last forgery or he'll tell his brother her ugly truth.

Before pretending to love Seth, she might've caved, but after learning there's way more to him than being the honorable, sexy nerd on the other side of the office wall - and the other side of the bed - she's not so sure she wants to disappear to save him. But there's that pesky, risky con hanging over her head.