Killing Casanova

by Kary Rader

When Violet Murphy’s boss begs her to convince his dying mother that they’re getting married, the pretty wallflower finds that being trapped in a pretend relationship with a sexy playboy leaves her with two choices: kill the handsome Casanova...or fall in love with him.


A smooth-talking negotiator, Jared Cassidy does multimillion-dollar deals for breakfast...and any number of women in between. What he can’t handle? His mother. And in a moment of insanity he told her he’s finally found a bride.


More than anyone, romance-novel addict Violet Murphy knows where her rakish boss has been. That’s why she’s steered clear. But now, having accepted a proposal that’s only moderately less indecent than usual, she has two choices: Spend two steamy and lavishly paid weeks as the pretend fiancée of a playboy no woman has truly ever understood, or use the time in Palm Beach to kill the image and reveal the man. In doing the latter, she’ll find paradise, passion, and the promise of a future she’s only ever imagined.