by Elle Wright

Underneath the veneer of a happy family lurks unthinkable acts.


The more pristine the veneer, the darker the family secrets. Jamie Yates has been living that truth for eight long years, and wants nothing to do with the parents whose DNA he carries.

Damaged and disgusted, he moved halfway around the world to start a new life in Melbourne, Australia, and he stayed away until his brother asks him to come back to be the best man at his wedding.

What seems like an innocuous ask is anything but. The past rears its ugly head, and things are worse than Jamie could’ve ever imagined.

To complicate matters even more, he meets Aurora, a woman he didn’t dare to dream was real. She’s everything he wants in a life mate, but his rage at what happened still tortures him, and he knows he should keep his distance so she’ll be safe. From him.

If he’s even a fraction of the man he wants to be, he needs to return to Australia before he hurts her in a way he’ll never be able to mend, even though leaving her will rip his heart to shreds.

5 Star Reviews

Savoured every word

"I took my time to read this and savoured every word. It is hot, steamy and definitely kept me interested." ~ Di Ketchup