An Historical Holiday Duet

Two stories about love and family during the holiday season.

A Holiday Season at Clifton Hall - Clyve Rose

It's not easy to remain independent when your brother's the Romany king, yet equine expert, Chal Brishen, knows he must stand on his own to win his bride.

Stari Besnick is tired of waiting. All the dowry back and forth between her father and the Brishen house has lasted too long. People are beginning to talk.

When Chal is offered a way to give Stari the wedding she wants in exchange for aiding an old friend, everything seems set for a happy ending. Until Stari's arrested.

A Romany girl in trouble with the English law doesn't have many options. But Chal will find a way to free her and make all her dreams come true.

Seduction of Tokyo - Tokyo Whispers #4 - Heather Hallman

For years, Pierce Roth and Kiyo Iwai have been avoiding the pull between them, and Pierce's inevitable engagement to his partner's sister-in-law, Euphemia Lyons, will put an end to any possibility of Kiyo and Pierce connecting.

But Pierce doesn't want to marry Euphemia, and Kiyo doesn't want to leave the bank. Her bookkeeping job pays well, and she needs the money to support her family.

If they give into their desires, too many people will be beyond disappointed in both of them, but the thought of losing Kiyo has Pierce making plans that might give way to the life he wishes to lead.

Now all he has to do is convince Kiyo he's playing for keeps.