The Heart of Stonem Manor

by Lana Moon

Handsome and mysterious millionaire John Stonem long ago built a manor on cursed land, to which single mother Hazel Loveless has just been invited.

Young, rich and careless, John Stonem built a manor on cursed land, and he paid the price with everything he ever loved. He’s still paying. But now, twenty years later, he thinks he’s found the cure.

Single mom Hazel Loveless, too, has been down on her luck, but that’s all about to change. She received a surprising invitation to Stonem Manor, home of the city’s most eligible—and mysterious—bachelor. Her arrival is the beginning of captivity—and hope. A mystery lurks here, one that must be solved. And while trusting John is not easy, his sensual nature has awakened her own. Both this tortured man and his manor harbor deadly secrets, but through her love Hazel has the power to conquer all and mend two broken hearts.