A Heart That Dares

by Jill Limber

Amanda Giles honors a deathbed promise to her brother and gets swept up into adventure and daring during the War Between the States.

Amanda Giles, an unconventional and free-spirited young artist, has to fulfill a deathbed promise to her brother before she can take up her life as a Bohemian in New York. She finds herself swept up in the perilous life of an undercover espionage agent for the Army of the North with handsome young Army Captain. Daniel McGrath. Daniel knows his preoccupation with the woman posing as his wife puts them both in grave danger, but he finds Amanda has no intention of abandoning their mission. As the danger increases, Daniel's most vital objective is to secure a future for himself and the woman he loves.

5 Star Reviews

Bags, Books & Bon Jovi Review

As big as The Civil War was for our country, I truly believe that it is best told in "little" stories. By that, I mean... the stories of the people who lived through it... not the history lessons that we all learn in school.

A Heart That Dares is a great novel that takes a piece of the "big" and tells the "little" so fluidly. It is adventure story filled with characters, settings and plot points that morphs into a love story while keeping its integrity as a historical novel.

That said... there really is something for everyone in A Heart That Dares. I think, though, my favorite part was the relationship between Amanda and Daniel. It grew naturally... and I was excited to watch it grow through the story.

This novel, A Heart That Dares, is my first by Jill Limber. It is, definitely, a wonderful introduction to an author who has not only written a beautiful "little" love story but a historical novel that tells the "big" story of a terrible time for our nation.

Maureen's Musings Review

A Heart That Dares is a real page turner, it is hard to put down. The book is set during the Civil War, and a very different story it is. Although it is fiction, it probably could have happened.

When the General asks Amanda Giles to take her recently deceased brother's place, she becomes a spy for the North. She does this as a boy, and "Lady" from England, and a Southern Plantation Wife. Very very different.

She is a talented artist, and her pictures are published in National Newspapers, they think she is a male.

Although she has made up her mind to never marry and live a boheimian lifestyle...ummm enter Daniel McGrath, he does not like the idea of a woman as a spy. He does all he can to make the General change his mind, and even if he won't admit it, he is enchanted with Amanda.

This book has it all with the eminent danger, suspense, and heart breaking plight of the slaves.

You will love the interaction between Amanda and Birdie...you would think they had been together forever!