Heart Beat

Five stories about the lives and loves of medical professionals and first responders.

Proceeds will benefit the CDC’s Emergency Fund.

Sweet Daisy - When a doctor, who's had his own share of trauma, falls for his neighbor, he does everything he can to win over the sweet, skittish school teacher.

An Unexpected Rescue - On a mission to clear out residents from the back country before a monster storm comes their way, a first responder encounters the quirkiest woman he's ever met who he can't keep away from.

Marci's Co-Star - Magnets that repel would best describe the nurse practitioner's reaction to the new PA in the medical practice where she worked, but there's a reason opposites attract, and hoo-boy, do they ever.

Love in the Time of Hantavirus - The medical director of a small hospital finds himself besotted with one his interns, and when she becomes gravely ill, he learns exactly how far he'll go to save the woman he loves.

Heart Murmur - Two surgeons who'd been together since medical school thought they had it all until a series of events tears them apart, and unless they can find their way back to each other, their forever will be lost.