Haunting Solace

by Deena Remiel

Haunted by a vengeful ghost in Siena, Italy, Stella will find her seemingly eternal torment exchanged for love by a handsome visitor.


"Pazzo Immortale." That’s what the locals called her. Her music would lead Lorenzo to the steps of the Duomo, the haunting strains of a virtuoso violin, and Stella herself was even more captivating. Like an angel she played...or a devil. Hers was a sad story, of a beautiful young lady who sought escape from a depraved relative and found it, but whose torment continues. In Siena, Italy, there is much beyond the knowledge of men—magic and ghosts and the divine—but a tourist like Lorenzo could never hope to win Stella’s heart or save her from a seemingly eternal torment. A man like himself could never do anything else.