Gladiator's Goddess

by Amy Hearst

A pregnant slave girl and a wounded gladiator must trust each other to escape captivity and find true love.


A slave at the gladiatorial school of Marcus Antonius, Nardine has long been unlucky in love; the arena claimed the lives of both men who turned her head. And yet, she has been blessed as well: She is finally pregnant. But bondage is no future for a child, so escape is the only option, no matter the punishment if she fails.

Fleeing a sorrowful past, Abedi has long wanted to be a gladiator. Now he is, and at one of the most impressive schools in all of Rome. Strong and quick and brave, he will be tested to the limits of his abilities. But, after discovering the beautiful Nardine, the answer to his prayers, he will find the challenges inside the arena—and those rewards—are only the beginning.