by L.P. Maxa

Theirs wasn't a typical high school sweethearts kind of love, Avory and Crue had found that person who made them whole, called them on their BS, and understood them down to their soul...until they messed up and ruined everything.


We’re end game. We’re forever. That's what Crue Matthews had told Avory Connor since they were teenagers, and she'd believed him. She'd believed everything he told her, especially that he'd given up being the most prolific f-boy in five counties. Then, she believed he betrayed her. When trust was broken she couldn't find it in her heart to forgive him. Worse, he never forgave himself, and for five miserable years, she buried her pain while he wallowed in his. But Crue is done waiting, and Avory is forced to face some hard truths. They need to forgive each other. Neither one of them was innocent in what happened, and both of them have been limping along as they lived their lives. Now they must learn to trust each other or there's no chance for the future they were promised.