Echoes of the Heart

by Stacey A. Purcell

Stuck in upstate New York to work off a humiliating arrest, Dr. Calista Montgomery is forced to deal with the disdain of arrogant sheriff Jack Benfield—and their undeniable attraction.


For Dr. Calista Montgomery, losing her soldier husband was like diving into a cold dark sea, and the revelations at his funeral swept her farther from shore. Crushed by his lies, Cali crawls into a bottle and flees all she knows. Inebriated and drifting aimlessly, she winds up in Esterloch, New York where she’s arrested and hits bottom. Offered a chance to expunge her record, she accepts the conditions...but the real challenge is keeping herself safe from the town’s arrogant, gorgeous and commanding sheriff.


Sheriff Jack Benfield hates drunks. They’re selfish, manipulative, and they break hearts, and his is no exception. He saw the damage inflicted upon his family, so he has no patience for any of them, not even the beautiful Dr. Montgomery. His body, however, has different ideas, and soon two desperate souls will discover that some breaks make us stronger—and sometimes we must drown before we learn how to breathe.