A Dangerous Attraction

by Emily Wright Mims

In 1985, FBI agent Cecelia Montemayor is about to find the man of her dreams—and teach him a woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be.


In 1985, Spanish-speaking Special Agent Cecelia Montemayor is more than ready to leave New York City and return to her native Southwest. But as the only woman in the El Paso branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, she’s not just going to have to deal with bank robbers, car thieves and kidnappers, she’s going to have to translate for some of her less progressive coworkers. For one, Roger Silvas: dangerous, arrogant, domineering…but surprisingly sensitive, sexy, and the top her personal Most Wanted list. He seems incapable of partnering with a female, or of understanding that a woman’s place is wherever she wants. Home, family, career. Cecelia will have it all. Perhaps Roger can come along for the ride.