The Christmas Salon

by Clyve Rose

When Louisa assumes a new identity in Paris to explore her passion for the arts, the man she loved many years ago comes looking for her, and all she can do is trust in Cupid to make the right decision.

Art is beautiful. Politics are ugly...
So says Major Henry Musgrave, a distinguished military man who has long yearned to reconnect with his lost love. His last memories of her are from when he was a young man about to go to war. When Louisa's father entreats him to go to Paris to find out what has become of her, Henry sets off, determined to find a renowned artist named Traversant who appears to hold Louisa under his spell.
I am hardly the sort of woman you're supposed to wed...
A woman with secrets, Louisa Beresford flees to Paris when her life in England implodes. A shamed woman with an infant, she seeks refuge with irascible fellow artist, Madame Vignée. When Henry Musgrave comes to their studio to have his portrait painted, Louisa must decide whether to reveal herself or stay hidden from the love of her life forever.