Anyone Who Had a Heart

by Elle Wright

Frustrated, thwarted, and baffled are some of the feelings Ryan experiences with a woman he had no intention of falling for and every expectation of making his forever.


Sexy, funny, smart and sassy, Max Calapiano is the woman Ryan Trent hadn't been looking for, but is thrilled he found. Her intense, unrelenting draw is the stuff of fantasies, and he knows they're meant to be together. Max...isn't so sure. Not because she doesn't feel it, geez does she feel it, but she's spent the last ten years keeping her distance from emotional involvement. Ryan's refusal to give up on her is making her crazy in all the ways a woman who knows what she wants and doesn't believe she can have it gets crazy. Infuriatingly obstinate, Ryan keeps at her until she has no choice but to relent.