Shannon Stults

About Shannon Stults

A small-town Georgia girl, Shannon finds no greater joy than stepping into the lives and worlds created by the written word. Despite a severe aversion to reading as a child, she has since found a passion for literature she's nurtured with incessant reading and a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Georgia. It's this passion that helps her bring her imagination to life.

Currently living in Athens, Georgia with her sister and their four-legged furry friends, she is almost always in the middle of a book, working on her own stories, or traveling to seek inspiration in the world around her.

Books by This Author

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Falling for the Wingman
Falling for the Wingman
  • Falling for the Wingman
  • by Shannon Stults
  • Three childhood best friends reunite after three years, but two of them are keeping deep, dark secrets, and because of it, Bentley's heart is being torn...
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