Lisa Stanbridge

About Lisa Stanbridge

Ever since she could string sentences together, Lisa has been writing. As a child, it started off with princesses in castles being rescued by Prince Charming. As a teenager she moved on to angsty teens struggling through life with raging hormones. Now, as a semi-mature adult, she writes contemporary romances about real people going through real struggles that want their HEA.

When she’s not writing, Lisa reads anything she can sink her teeth into, and occasionally binges on the latest Netflix series. She loves lazy days at the beach, reading or writing, but rarely swimming, and loves spending time with her husband and her friends.

Books by This Author

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Abandoned Hearts
Abandoned Hearts
  • Abandoned Hearts
  • by Lisa Stanbridge
  • A traumatized nurse and an angry, desperate single dad must learn to trust again and open their hearts to love.
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