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Bellakentuky was born in Minnesota and has lived in Florida, South Carolina and Argentina. I’ve been a writer most of my life. Publication of my first short stories occurred while I was still in high school. In my twenties, I worked has a reporter for a small newspaper chain (I wrote articles and took pictures). The path of life took me toward photography and in 1984, I opened a commercial photography studio. This choice led to a pile of really cool life experiences. I traveled the world on somebody else’s nickel, met a few celebrities along the way and I even had the opportunity to photograph Mikhail Gorbachev once.

In 2001 a motion picture company came to my hometown to make a movie. Not knowing any better, I went to their office and asked for a job. And guess what? They gave me one. (My name even shows up in the credits.) So, I began writing screenplays with a vengeance. Only one of them ever got made into a movie and it was me who made the movie. No, the movie never made it to the theaters, although it did receive some nice comments from the film festival folks where the move was entered. I learned a lot from the experience. One, making a movie is a lot of fun and probably one of the most rewarding creative endeavors one could ever undertake. To see something that began in your thoughts become real… well… it’s mind-blowing. But then there was number two; making a movie is expensive, and that ended my movie career.

Back in 2005, I returned to writing fiction, in earnest. My natural tendencies were, once again, toward short stories. Since making that decision in 2005, I have published numerous short stories both online and in print.

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A Matter of the Mind
A Matter of the Mind
  • A Matter of the Mind
  • by Bellakentuky
  • Sometimes it takes a second glance to appreciate what's in front of us, then a long revealing stare to find true love.
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