Annie Sereno

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Love makes the world go 'round, the saying goes, and the pages of Annie's romance novels beat with the hearts of characters in search of connection. Spirited, flawed, sometimes maddening, ever relatable, they rarely behave as she wants or expects them to. But if their emotional journey affirms the bonds that tie us to each other, she won’t get in their way.

When she’s not expressing her imagination with pen and paintbrush, Annie cooks and gardens with undaunted enthusiasm (if variable success). In possession of a well-worn passport and memories of all the places on the map she’s called home, she shares her life with her husband and two sons. One of these days she’ll weed her collection of books, swimming goggles, and shoes. But not anytime soon.

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Helen of Troy, Illinois
Helen of Troy, Illinois
  • Helen of Troy, Illinois
  • by Annie Sereno
  • Helen of Troy, Illinois, is back home in the heartland to wage a war—with nothing to lose but her heart.
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