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Forever Mine

The Holidays Promises Kept
The Holidays

It’s the holiday season in Brighton & there’s a wedding too – everyone is invited to share in the love all these men have found.
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Promises Kept

While Alec & Dylan love each other, their busy lives have kept them from devoting the time they need to stay connected in a way that matters, but that's about to change.
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Five years after his wife fled with their baby daughter, Ike finally finds them & truths he never thought he’d have to face before knowing real love.
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Christmas in Bear Ridge The Harder They Fall
Christmas in Bear Ridge

Sometimes it takes a little magic and a Christmas wish to see beyond tomorrow, but it takes love to see forever.
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The Harder They Fall

When Piper returns from an overseas assignment, Jack is determined to win her back at all costs, including saving her life.
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It’s All About the Emotion

Great Words:

Avidity – Condole – Pique
Abhorrence - Covet – Hanker
Depravity – Implore – Avow
Detest – Mortification – Beguiling
Stark – Nebulous - Plummet

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From the Editor's Desk

Travel Any Way You Can

Paradise Lost

The title signifies not only the obliteration of an entire town due to the worst fire in California history, it begs the question: what are the last vestiges of innocence left to the young? After the mass shooting in a iconic bar in Thousand Oaks, where college students went to line dance and unwind, some of whom had lived through the Las Vegas massacre last year – and one who had, but didn’t make it out this time – what do we tell our children this Thanksgiving? For what are we grateful?

Romance authors have the unique ability to conjure stories out of thin air, and then imbue fictional people with emotions and characteristics so familiar and endearing they feel like friends. These writers who wake up at four in the morning to get in a few hours in front of the computer before they face their day jobs or their busy lives, the almost hermit-like existence that keeps them writing well past midnight after a long and arduous day, they are the folks best suited to give you the ray of hope you need to share for what we are thankful after a hard year filled with so much public tragedy.

From our authors’ stories, and in no particular order:

Small miracles - a brighter tomorrow – kindness – rain – jeans that fit – friends – family – first responders –
youthful enthusiasm – puppies – on-time airlines – electricity – stilettos you can walk in – magic – fresh donuts –
running water – pizza – beer – whiskey – wine – the grandeur of nature – acceptance – hair products – flowers -
tolerance – fast cars – lazy afternoons – endurance – cell reception – art – forgiveness – 24 hour diners – music –
photographs – beds – no traffic – wildlife – rivers – brooks – streams – lakes – oceans – toothpaste – higher
education – kittens – equality – comfy sofas – dancing – parties – hugging – romance – love – love – love – love.

Happy Thanksgiving.