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Love Blossoms

Suit Yourself High Heels and Train Wrecks all that we see
Suit Yourself
Scarred inside & out ex fashion model & porn star Oliver Brown is about to be stripped bare by flamboyant twink Leslie Scott & they’ll rebuild love from the bottom up. learn more
High Heels and Train Wrecks
Hudson Christy's credo is love 'em & leave 'em until her ex breaks her heart. Then she meets Ryan Lowell, the man she doesn't know she needs but will fall for anyway. learn more
all that we see
Reviled and unwanted, Thalia Salic is an Invisible. Soon she & her friends & Soulmate will be the key to righting the wrongs of the world beyond the trees. COMING SOON

Lunchbox Romance

Delicious Short Stories consumable during the lunch hour

In September 2012, we published our first Lunchbox Romance. The premise behind creating the line was lodged in the reality that with our busy lives many of us can’t steal more than an hour here or there to get our Romance fix. Wouldn’t it be cool, we thought, if readers could have their happily-ever-after in one quick sitting - perhaps during their lunch break at work or in that last quiet hour before they fell asleep for the night. As we get ready to publish our 85th Lunchbox Romance, we want to take a moment to applaud our authors for creating compelling stories filled with pathos, laughter, drama and, of course, love. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our readers for continuing to enjoy the stories our authors write.

Heart Strings The Tall Dark Cure for a Broken Heart Solid Ground
Heart Strings
Bree Elise must confront the secrets of her past & the man who stole her heart. He has been searching for her since the day she left him all those years ago. learn more
The Tall Dark Cure for a Broken Heart
Willoughby Thorne has a plan to cure her broken heart, but she hasn't factored one man into the equation or that she's about to jump on the roller coaster of love & go for the ride of her her life. learn more
Solid Ground
Mags Javiks has one day left with Lex before she boards her ship to start ambassador training. One more day to confess her feelings for him. If she lets this opportunity slip away she may never get another one. COMING SOON

From the Outside In

A Boroughs Publishing Group Romance Writers' Contest

Letters From Inside

Who’s sexier than the rule-breaker, the bad boy, the charismatic leader of the rebel faction? What’s more satisfying than exerting your individuality against those who follow society’s most mindless routines?

Whether Robin Hood or Belle, Christian Grey or Han Solo, whether Neo or Zsadist, each of these characters act in contrast to a society, showing the natural conflict between us and our communities, and it’s through that conflict that communities - and people - change for the better.

This contest celebrates all who are different - and those who might learn to love them. Bring us your exiles, your pariahs, your good-at-heart criminals. Bring us your bluestockings and your hoydens, your smugglers and your rakes. Then show us how the world is better for having them - and how two lovers are better for having each other.

  • The Contest is open to all unpublished manuscripts between 45,000 and 100,000 words
  • Entries should be sent to:
  • In the email subject line put: Outside In Contest Submission
  • In the body of the email include your name, address & telephone number
  • Entries must be received via email before midnight in California, 15 June 2015

There will be one winner writing in any
of the following of sub-genres/categories:

☀ Contemporary ☀ Erotic Romance ☀ Fantasy ☀ Historical
☀ LGBT ☀ Multi-cultural ☀ Paranormal ☀ Regency
☀ Romantic Suspense/Thriller ☀ Urban Fantasy ☀ Young Adult

The winner will be chosen by the Boroughs Publishing Group editorial staff and will be offered a contract to publish the winning submission.

The winner will be announced on Friday, 24 July 2015 at Boroughs Publishing Group’s Annual Party at the RWA National Conference in New York City. If the winner is not present, we will contact them directly.

Boroughs About Town
(& Country)

RWA New York City

Save the date:
Friday, July 24th 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Boroughs Meet & Greet Open House

Watch for all of Boroughs Publishing Group’s NYC events.


A short monthly piece to show what's happening in the editor-in-chief's brain...and in his office. Besides reading. Lots of reading.


Chris KeeslarThere’s a reason that novice, and likely even experienced, writers have trouble with sagging middles of their books. If successful stories are math problems—and they are, each an equation involving a number of variables, some even supplied by the reader—then the fun is in the solving. The longer a tale, the more likely a complicated formula. And if the fun is in the solving, every step must have a solution or we’re not enjoying ourselves.

It can be tough providing so many solutions. Repetition can be perilously seductive to a writer, whether from comfort and laziness, like a jump-shooter eschewing a necessary slash to the basket for an ill-advised pull-up 18-footer; from sentimentality, like a parent not wanting to admit a child has finally grown up and moved on; or from simple ignorance of when enough illustration has been supplied of a point. Good writing is about movement, so a thoughtful reader will notice stagnation. Unless you’re building a Rube Goldberg machine, where the moving parts are as or more compelling than function, every element must be crucial.

Want to test your understanding? As with math, start with the basics. Write a short story. With no ornamentation necessary or available for obfuscation, and with an acknowledged decrease in the reader’s expectations correlative to their investment of time and energy, you can focus on the beauty, subtlety and sublimity of the simplest movement—which is the building block for everything else.

Of this creation, your reader can take only one bite. But with simplicity and intensity you can make it more unforgettable than a ten-course meal.


Where you get to hear the people who make publishing–and Boroughs especially–what it is.


Short pieces by our authors

Linnea AlexisLinnea Alexis Since Forever…

My love for short stories started when my fifth grade teacher challenged the class to write a short story a week for extra credit. I accepted the challenge and have been writing ever since.

Throughout the years, I’ve taken several classes on writing short stories. Projects, either started or completed in these classes, went on to be published—except my particular favorite, a short-short about magical potatoes. Dang, I love that story.

Heart StringsWhenever an event or a dream triggers an idea, I write it down in flash fiction format. I’ve found that having an arsenal of short stories, either completed or started, close at hand enables me to respond to Calls for Submission without having to start from scratch.

Short stories keep the creative juices flowing, while honing my craft, disciplining me to adhere to a strict word count, and forcing me to keep the writing tight, clean. “Less is more.” Best of all, I can experiment with different genres. So far I’ve written horror stories, vampire stories, who-done-its, romances, historicals, and even a couple of memoir pieces.

Writing my short story, Heart Strings, quickly became a labor of love. It was based on an actual event from several years ago when my grandson attended music camp. When I told friends about it, they said, “There’s a story in there…somewhere.” I kicked around different storylines until I came up with reunited lovers and second chances. From that point on, the story took on a life of its own and practically wrote itself.

Mia AllenMia Allen It’s the Little Things

Short stories, chocolate truffles, and a glass of red wine. Small pleasures that provide deep satisfaction. What could be better than these indulgences? Don’t get me wrong. I still love reading a great novel, but I don’t always have the ability to focus on reading a full-length story. (I like to think it’s because I have too many pressures to have time to myself. Others might say it’s because I have the attention span of a gnat. Who’s quibbling?)

The Tall Dark Cure for a Broken HeartI try to write for women like myself - except for the short attention span part - those who crave a small escape reading stories with a beginning, a middle and an end that satisfies. Something that continues to linger on the palate throughout the day, week or month. Characters I hope you want to meet and personalities that make you smile or laugh. And, of course, giving that absolutely required HEA. In fact, short stories are better than wine or chocolates. You can get arrested for drinking and driving. Well, I guess you can get arrested for reading and driving, too. So, until my story is converted into an audio, just shoot me a note. If I’m free, I’ll read while you drive. The almost perfect cure.

Katherine McIntyreKatherine McIntyre Necessary Drama

When I started creative writing, I used to struggle with the short story. I would sketch out these sprawling epics with complicated plots, ones that needed not just one novel, but five to fully flesh out the story line. Not that I don’t love the novel—I do, but I’ve discovered a deep appreciation for short stories along the way. I had found them harder to write than a novel because creating characters and a well-formed plot in so few words can be difficult.

That is, until I started writing romance.

I’m sort of an odd romance writer. I grew up binge-reading sci-fi/fantasy, and devoured most of the great high fantasy epics. As I branched out a bit more, I began to love urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian—a plethora of genres. The one hurdle I had with novel length romance though, was following it along the entire way without getting annoyed by unnecessary drama. If something is going to keep these characters apart, I want it to be a zombie apocalypse, not foolish decisions and a lack of communication.

Solid Ground The one medium that never drew out unnecessary drama was the short story. There, I got to read about people falling in love without my Aries impatience getting in the way. There, I could write those romantic episodes that highlight the roller coaster thrill of falling in love without the messy myriad of devices used to keep the characters apart until the end.

So you want all the adrenaline rush of a first kiss, or better yet, one spicy night you’ll never forget? Short stories deliver, and in the most satisfying way.

Carolyn ReynoldsCarolyn Reynolds Laughter Written in the Stars

Since I was years old I have wanted to be a writer. Around that age I had become a class clown. I had this wonderful redheaded boyfriend Roger, and a best guy friend, Leonard who was my co-ringmaster in class buffoonery. Leonard - my co-conspirator in teacher pranks - and I were sent outside on opposite ends of the classroom more times than I could count.

Later in life, every time I told a story, friends and family would start laughing so hard then told me that I “needed to take my show on the road.” I seem to have that humorous take on the everyday and most especially on relationships.

High Heels and Train Wrecks I always wanted to write romance. But, my kind of romance was not typical. That changed with my first book, The Book of Lovers, an astrological guide to romance, which gave me the chance to use both the Zodiac, as well as humor, in a tongue-in-cheek series of spot-on personality profiles. The success of that book gave me the first inkling that romance readers were ready to find something funny in the way everyone’s romances come together.

They say by the time you are ten years old you are pretty much what you are going to be. I was. I finally got to be the writer, ringleader and romance writer I dreamed about all rolled into one with my new Zodiac Romance Series.

I hope you just love them.