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For Fox Sake Hooking Up
For Fox Sake

Tate & Clay's newest case has all the earmarks of typical investigative work: lies, deception, collusion & a dead body - except the body was found in Fetish Alley & nothing that happens there is typical.
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Hooking Up

Eiley & Trey sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G... no, I’m not ten years old, but I have an active imagination, & when it comes to Trey Layton, believe me, you don't want to know what I'm thinking.
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Her Caprice Deadly Purpose
Her Caprice

Beatrice's parents expect her to embrace being an old maid with pugs & newspapers to keep her company, not without good reason, but Captain Gracechurch would surely disagree.
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Deadly Purpose

Thrown together, and neither is happy about it, Meg and Declan navigate their unwanted growing attraction as they fight to keep Meg alive.
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Out of Ashes The Longer They Last
Out of Ashes

Phoe & Cage are on the hunt for answers to long buried secrets no one wants them to uncover.
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The Longer They Last

Piper and Jack's New Year’s Eve is fraught with harrowing danger, narrow escapes, daring rescues, and heart-pounding passion.
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Writer's World

Tips & Answers to Qs

What's in a Name

When choosing your characters’ names, be mindful, and ask yourself:

  1. Is the name current to the year/decade in which the person was born;
  2. Are you naming different characters with names that sound or look too much alike, i.e. Rick & Richie;
  3. Do the names fit together –when you say them aloud do your MC’s sound like a couple?

Research names. A great place to peruse:

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From the Editor's Desk

Editor's Desk

All righty Liberals, Moderates, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Green Partiers, Independents, and I-Don’t-Give-A-Hoots, let’s talk about the universal language of love.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t believe in love?

Actually, there are some, and we know them well – the damaged heroes with hardened hearts, the steely heroines who will never love again, and the outsiders that never felt part of anything who were shamed and ostracized. The traumatized. The abused. The long-suffering. These are our people. The characters we place in various situations where they have to choose between opening their hearts or living a lonely life. Each and every one of our books brings these people to an emotional cliff where they have to decide whether they have the strength to fall. And that’s what love is really about – strength. Do your characters have the strength to believe that with love and acceptance they can withstand anything?

True, some say that our books are fantasy fulfillment and nothing more. But we believe that the stories our authors write are roadmaps that help people navigate life’s trials and tribulations. There’s nothing wrong with giving a person hope. For some it becomes the lifeline that leads them to making better choices for themselves and their families. For others, our books are the escape that gives them the island of calm they need to negotiate another day. Whatever the case, our stories have value because, at their core, they assert that love can conquer all.

How many of you would take this wager– your favorite book is equally beloved by someone who sits so far on the other side of the aisle that you can’t even see them.