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Cupid's Arrow

Stumbled into Love Beyond Today
Stumbled Into Love

Holland Baxter is dragging Brice Huntington into the 21st century, but he doesn't seem to mind much.
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Beyond Today

The new man in Hannah's life has a past with enough baggage for a voyage & she can’t see how they'll make it work between them beyond today.
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Lily's Trust Bound by Love
Lily's Trust

When Jensgar refuses Lily's choice to be her mate, all hope is lost, and she flees into the forest to live her life as a wolf.
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Bound by Love

Dylan isn’t expecting to fall in love, especially when he and Scarlett Mercier share dark secrets that threaten to keep them apart.
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Writer's World

Tips & Answers to Qs

No More Eggcorns

M-W defines eggcorn as: "a word or phrase that sounds like and is mistakenly used in a seemingly logical or plausible way for another word or phrase."

Say "a scapegoat" and "escape goat" out loud.
Now you understand how people can get mixed up.

A great list of eggcorns you SHOULD NOT USE can be found at:

Here are a few of our favorites:

civilware instead of silverware

daring-do instead of derring-do

free examples instead of free samples

in other worlds instead of in other words

lapkin instead of napkin

mute point instead of moot point

pass mustard instead of pass muster

pre-Madonna instead of prima donna

takes two to tangle instead of takes two to tango

world wind romance instead of whirlwind romance

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From the Editor's Desk

Mr. Darcy - Bridget Jone's Diary

The Best

Over the years many of our favorite love stories first captured in books have been made into movies. In some cases, many movies from the same book, most famously Pride and Prejudice. Arguments over which version is the best have swirled for years, with many newer devotees having their say after the 2005 version was released.

We thought to provide a list (not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination) of some of the book to movie love stories. They are listed in no particular order. Send us an email and tell us your top ten.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Pride and Prejudice

Lost in Austen

Gone With The Wind

Wuthering Heights

Doctor Zhivago

Brokeback Mountain

The Vow

Sense and Sensibility

The English Patient

Beauty and the Beast

The Princess Bride

Twilight Saga

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

The Notebook


The Thorn Birds

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A Walk to Remember

Out of Africa

Bridget Jones’s Diary

The Gift of the Magi

Legends of the Fall

The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Water for Elephants

The Time Traveler’s Wife