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Wrapped Up In Love


After an attack left Zahra the only member of her pack alive, she remained as wolf for fifty years guarding her parents' graves until the Porda Clan arrived with their general, the man fated to be her mate.
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Labor of Love The Lion & the Swan
Labor of Love

Too many people have become ill in the small farming community of Vandasillo & social worker Elena Marquez wants answers from the local power company, but their new attorney stands between her and the truth.
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The Lion & the Swan

Destined to follow traditions he abhors, Asad, the Black Mane, prince & heir to the throne of the Great Valley, falls for Oona, the Swan, a slave from the far northern isles, and their story becomes legend.
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All I Want for Christmas Not So Secret Santa The Holidays
All I Want for Christmas

While delivering Christmas cookies, Kate collides with a man in a Santa suit who changes her destiny.
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Not So Secret Santa

Leslie's feeling the season in a big way, after the Kissmas Drag Stravaganza at Club Delish, he plans to ask Oliver to marry him, but, as with all things Leslie, nothing goes quite as planned.
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The Holidays

It’s the holiday season in Brighton, Texas, and there’s a wedding too – everyone is invited to share in the love all these men have found.
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Noelle Christmas in Bear Ridge happy place

Five years after his wife fled with their baby daughter, Ike finally finds them and truths he never thought he’d have to face before finding real love.
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Christmas in Bear Ridge

Sometimes it takes a little magic, and a Christmas wish, to see beyond tomorrow, but it takes love to see forever.
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happy place

Two years after spending one blissful night with her lifelong crush, Cassie and Declan meet again during the Christmas season & secrets and lies turn into a fake wedding that just might save their love.
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Metal and Mistletoe By the Light of a Christmas Moon Heart of Stone
Metal and Mistletoe

Being a rock star has its advantages, but this Christmas Curtis and Dezra are going to learn no high can beat the true reason for the season: love.
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By the Light of a Christmas Moon

Jamie & Rosemary have lived for the day they can be married. Except another man wants to make her his princess, and how can Jamie deprive her of that?
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Heart of Stone

Jilted, Claire Walsh decides to take her California honeymoon alone & finds a heart more in need of healing than her own.
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Mistletoe The Christmas Blend Once Upon a Mistletoe

Caitlyn wants passion, love & a romance she can call her own, not the pretend love affair her family guilted her into with her late sister's husband who sees Caitlyn as little more than someone nice to have around.
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The Christmas Blend

Much to the dismay of her very Victorian parents, young widow Isobel Duckett takes over her dead husband's brewery & finds the strength of her convictions & a most unexpected love.
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Once Upon a Mistletoe

The leading man of aspiring playwright Yardley Lemmon's Christmas play will rewrite their relationship forever.
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Christmas Across Time Merry Belle and the Holiday Hookers of Larkspur Lane Evergreen
Christmas Across Time

Snowbound in Nashville, strangers Joan McGavock & Lincoln Banner are about to be possessed by amorous ghosts, a dark & compelling mystery, & by love.
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Merry Belle and the Holiday Hookers of Larkspur Lane

Sheriff Devlin Montgomery & murder suspect Merry Belle Noelle have every reason to distrust each other, but when her wacky crochet group gets involved, this crazy and mysterious yarn will end in love.
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For Leilani and her sick daughter, Bradley my be the answer to a Christmas wish if he can see past the unconventional to the sublime.
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A Cowboy's Mistletoe Promise Snow Bound Out for the Holidays
A Cowboy's Mistletoe Promise

After running away from her abusive husband, Michaela hopes to find peaceful solitude in Montana until a dangerous gunslinger comes to town & turns her dreams upside-down.
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Snow Bound

After years of heartbreak and disappointment, Lacey’s new year's resolution is to swear off men - that is, until she meets the irresistible Dane Richardson.
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Out for the Holidays

At 18 being in love is tough enough, but being in love & outed to your dad is a disaster that will take more than a little holiday magic to fix.
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Mistletoe Waltz A Gift of Hope Marrying Mr. Scrooge
Mistletoe Waltz

The Marquess of Hawthorne vowed never to fall in love. He should have vowed never to marry.
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A Gift of Hope

Gina Reyes takes her job as Miss Santa seriously, & this year she must overcome Mr. Corporate America: the despicable, brilliant, warm, witty, delectable Lalo Navarro.
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Marrying Mr. Scrooge

Maddie Timms sexual chemistry with Nathaniel Scorge is beyond delicious. Yet DataMatch predicts a stronger connection with the handsome Lewis Tate. In the next months she must determine who is the true man of her dreams or she’ll get Scrooged.
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Kissing Mr. Scrooge Wishes and Miracles Good Hair Days
Kissing Mr. Scrooge

Maddie Timms’s workaholic, type-A boss is forcing her to accompany him on a business trip where she'll miss Christmas at home, but it might just be worth it.
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Wishes and Miracles

Two poignant stories where four deeply scarred editors & authors find romantic love in the holiday season.
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Good Hair Days

Inside the box Paige Fitzgerald inherited that contains Aunt Mary’s good hair piece, is a bucket list. Knowing she has to bring adventure back into her life, Paige embarks on the best journey of all - she finds love.
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To Hell With Christmas Her Christmas Cowboy A Gift of Trust
To Hell With Christmas

Escaping Hell & an arranged marriage was the hardest thing Eden thought she’d ever have to do, but falling for a drop-dead-sexy human will truly require the magic of Christmas.
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Her Christmas Cowboy

Daisy Phillips has a choice to return home or stay in Texas with the handsome cowboy who brought joy back to her life.
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A Gift of Trust

This Christmas is going to see both Rory & Lisa get what they want & need.
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Carol of the Heart The Magick of Christmas The Christmas Bottle
Carol of the Heart

A holiday encounter offers Leah the chance to win back the one who got away.
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The Magick of Christmas

A young London witch discovers the one magic more powerful than her own: love and desire in the Christmas season.
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The Christmas Bottle

A lonely woman's generosity & some holiday magic frees a trapped genie who grants her every desire.
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Once Upon a Montana Christmas The Sweetest Gift
Once Upon a Montana Christmas

When Miss Eva Kenward finds herself stranded on the rugged Montana frontier of only a handsome cowboy can make her holiday wish come true.
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The Sweetest Gift

Eight romances in a holiday anthology; the sweetest gift is love.
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