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Out of the Stacks…

Librarian Phoebe Addison has lived her entire life within a seventy-five-mile radius of her small Louisiana town, but when she receives a strange medallion from her adventurous, off-world sister, reality tilts toward the bizarre.

Everything Phobe thought she knew is…well, wrong. Dead wrong. But bone-numbing fear has no place in this brave new world—nor by the side of the dangerous, exquisite man who saves her life.

And Into the Fire

Following the tragic slaughter of his family, operative Macijah “Cage” St. John understands evil in a way no man ever should. He traded happiness for a magnificent and terrible power, and fate isn’t done with him yet.

He wasn’t looking for comfort. He didn’t need tenderness. But today he’ll play hero to a damsel in distress, and his quest will deliver him to the uncanny Martian colony of New London—and his heart to the demure Phoebe Addison.

The bookish beauty’s hidden talents and deep abiding love just might save Cage from himself.

So Dark…

After suffering unparalleled tragedy, Leah Middleton knows she’s fortunate to be taken in at her deceased mother’s ancestral home. But the disdain her family – The Knights of Red Ridge Hall – held for her free-spirited mother is transferred to Leah, and they revel in letting her know it.

A proud and noble family, the Knights hold expectations Leah doesn’t believe she can meet, certainly not while staying true to her loving, system-defying parents, and especially when it comes to Dr Grayson Slade.

He's as far from a desirable match as her family could imagine, and to make matters worse, she learns he holds secrets that can tear her newfound security from her tenuous grasp.

Only Love's Light Can Shine Through

Doctor Grayson Slade is assistant to Dr Theodore Knight, founder of The Knight Society, a benevolent institution for unwanted and ill children.

Grayson himself was rescued off the streets of London as a boy and he wants no more in life than what he has attained. Until the moment he lays eyes on Leah Middleton. But evil is flourishing, and he can only do so much to stop it. As mysteries begin to unravel, unthinkable truths are revealed, and a malevolent threat closes in.

Grayson knows he has no choice – he must do what’s right to keep Leah’s love.

Getting to Know You

Emily Mims

Author of over forty Romance novels, Emily is a musician as well as a writer.

She plays the ukulele, piano, organ, and dulcimer, and sometimes she sings

when performing.

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