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Spring Fever

Blessed Curse Charmed by Charlie Sonnet Coupled
Blessed Curse
Pregnant & alone Jorie learns a terrifying presence wants her unborn child dead & Logan will fight to protect her & the baby. learn more
Charmed by Charlie
Everyone loves marketing whiz Charlie Solanger except the woman whose promotion he stole & Charlie wants her, too. learn more
Sonnet Coupled
ER nurse Sonnet Mendoza’s new housemate proves there’s more to a man than meets the eye & more to life than a career. learn more
Negotiating Her Release Naked Love Among the Ruins
Negotiating Her Release
Hostage negotiator Ashe MacAvoy never expected to become a hostage or to fall under the protection of sexy Detective Chase Weber. learn more
Phoebe enlists the help of the mysterious Cage St. John to save her sister while dangerous Others are streaming onto Earth. learn more
Love Among the Ruins
Time travel, an Anasazi princess, an Irish sea god & a vengeful Italian ghost – 4 stories that prove love knows no bounds & lasts forever. learn more


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From the Editor's Desk

The Path Not Taken (Directly)

Chris KeeslarLying. To be a good writer, you have to do it well—or at least be a good manipulator. You have to get in the head of your reader and push the right buttons, and to do that you must know what they want, what they’re expecting, and how to effectively draw them down a side path or two when appropriate.

Aristotle said a plot is most effective when the actions are both unexpected and logical. Without lying, how else can that be achieved while obscuring the steps to your destination?

So, if you want to learn from the best—and protect yourself from the rest—look at what your favorite authors have set up, then watch what they’re saying…and what they’re not.

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California Dreamin' A Conference for Writers

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