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Making Memories…

Hard Climate Play Softly A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Hard Climate
The past has a way of shaping your future, and for Mango, if he can’t shake yesterday’s demons there’s no hope of a tomorrow with Ryan. learn more
Play Softly
For Dash falling in love with Lexi took an instant, getting pregnant another 48 hours, and that was the easy part on their way to marriage. learn more
A Kiss to Build a Dream On
When a WWII female pilot dies under mysterious circumstances Rachel and her commanding officer resist their attraction as they search for a possible saboteur. learn more
Floating Loose A Noble Treason Altar Bound
Floating Loose
After a lifetime in foster care, Rylie is finally in the right place, she just doesn’t recognize it, but Alex will give everything he has to convince her she’s home. learn more
A Noble Treason
Eleanor’s intentions may be noble but if she fails in her mission, she could lose her head as a traitor to the crown, & drag Dougall, the man who can save her, along with her. learn more
Altar Bound
It’s been a tough few months for Sarah, but things are looking up as she heads to Crystal River for a wedding where she didn’t expect to find the best man she’s ever met. learn more

Fantastic Achievement

Congratulations to Adele Downs and Stacey A. Purcell
Winners of the prestigious Holt Medallion

Her Immortal Viking HOLT Medallion Award Echoes of the Heart
Best Novella
Best 1st Book &
Best Long Contemporary

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Boroughs About Town
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San Diego - RWA 2016

Join Us at the Readers for Life Literacy Autographing Event
Wednesday, July 13th
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
San Diego Marriott Marquis

Everyone is Invited to:


Friday, July 15th
Manchester Grand Hyatt
One Market Place, San Diego

Conference Musings from our Authors:

Don't get overwhelmed by the number of workshops. Study the brochure and plan ahead. And don't forget to network. - Linnea Alexis

Last year in New York, I decided to leave my notebook in my purse and only take it out when there was something I had never heard before, or listened to before. I just sat back, relaxed and breathed in all my little brain could take. You would not believe the information I retained. One other thing, always talk positively about your publisher and editor and fellow authors. - Lyn Austin

If I see someone who looks lost or scared, I walk up to them and say, "Hi, my name is Marilyn Baxter and I'm from Alabama. Is this your first conference? What do you write?" It is a great conversation opener. I invite them to sit with me at lunch and I introduce them to my friends. A big part of this business is networking and just saying hello may lead to something big. If you're the one looking lost or scared, you can still turn to the person beside you and introduce yourself. Remember the conference is primarily a bunch of introverts pretending to be extroverts, so they'll appreciate someone else starting the conversation. - Marilyn Baxter

The RWA conference app is an essential tool for keeping track of workshops, events, and appointments. Download the app on your smart phone and check it often for updates to the workshop schedule. Spend downtime in public areas like the hotel restaurant, coffee shop, and bar for impromptu networking opportunities. You never know who you'll meet. Also, volunteer to work as a luncheon greeter. The assignment lasts a mere 15 minutes, but volunteers are able to reserve seats in the ballroom at tables close to the speakers' podium, which allows you to receive a great view of the event. – Adele Downs

I've volunteered several times to work at the Literacy Signing. One year I was assigned to be Nora Roberts's assistant. Nora brings her own personal assistant to take pictures and keep the fans moving. I worked the long, long line of fans waiting for their one-on-one moment with Nora who makes meet-and-greet and book signing an art form. It was a lot of fun. In the years since, I've been amazed how often people mention Nora Roberts when they find out I write Romance. I love telling them that not only have I met Nora, but I served as her assistant for an evening. – Sheri Humphreys

Be open to talking to anyone and everyone. If this isn’t your 1st RWA conference, pretend like you have the "First Time" ribbon on your nametag and ask all the questions you need to ask. Enjoy the fellowship of writers who “get” you, and better yet, read and write what you love to read and write. Pack snacks - especially fruit. Sometimes healthy snacks are hard to find at conferences. Get to the sessions you really want EARLY. Seats fill up fast. – Jenna Lincoln 

Read the brochure carefully and go to workshops offering advice in your areas of weakness. And it doesn't hurt you to go hear one of your favorite authors if she's giving a workshop. – Emily Mims

Don't try to do everything. Take some time to breathe, get a drink, step outside into the sunshine - take a small nap. Conference is like standing in front of a fire hydrant with your mouth wide open. Take time to digest what you're experiencing. Be nice to yourself. - Stacey A. Purcell 

This is a huge conference with an incredible myriad of things to do. Before you arrive, take a few minutes to study the schedule and select that which is most beneficial to you and your career. Rest when you are tired. Sleep when you are sleepy. - Nancy Sartor

Everyone agrees – wear comfortable shoes!


A short monthly piece to show what's happening in the editor-in-chief's brain...and in his office. Besides reading. Lots of reading.


Chris KeeslarSingers are often praised for how long they can sustain a pitch-perfect note before its natural and inevitable resolution. Authors, too, are judged on this, though the mechanics are a bit less obvious.

For those of you who watch (and have read!) Game of Thrones, two recent episodes have been some of the most pleasing yet. Why? They feature payoffs that have been a long time in coming. One, a reunion. Two, an epic explanation and finale to a character arc. Both have been set up, hinted at, denied, teased, denied again, denied another time or six and finally delivered.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but the truth is that, in every genre, we read for what happens in between the setup and the payoff. Much like with the art of courtly love, or with many a teenage obsession, a writer must be cruel yet irresistible mistress. As human beings we crave resolution, but we also like to be denied, and the longer we can maintain our sense of unrequited desire, the longer we can have the rubber band stretch without breaking, the more powerful the journey. As Aristotle says, the ending of any story should be inevitable but unexpected.

Until that final scene in a romance, tease, tease, tease. The moment there’s no reason for your characters not to be together, the story’s over.

In Memory of the forty-nine –
you will remain forever in our hearts.