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Sight Unseen Gutted Sam's Soldiers
Sight Unseen
Friends since childhood, Nate & Cody were meant to be together. Then suddenly they weren’t until tragedy struck & changed everything. learn more
Two years after the apparent murder of the only man Barb ever loved, he returns & intends to reclaim her heart. learn more
Sam's Soldiers
ER nurse Sam Mason is offered a ménage relationship with two ex-military men & discovers love more exquisite than he imagined. learn more
bloodborne It's You, Book One It's You, Book Two
With the help of a vampire-hunting FBI agent, Lili will brave the origin of a child killing plague & her her darkest desires. learn more
It's You, Book One
Twenty years after vanishing, Jack returns for the human woman he had tried to leave behind. learn more
It's You, Book Two
Returning for true love is just the beginning, now Jack must defend Darcy from everything he knows. learn more


Every month Boroughs and its authors are going to offer special prizes for our wonderful fans.

This month we’re thrilled to announce the
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The first 25 people that sign up for the Boroughs Book Club
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From the Editor's Desk


Chris KeeslarForgive the pun, but at heart romance is the celebration of life. What else could it be but the embrace of something other than the self—something more powerful than the self—that brings strangers together from diverse backgrounds, demands acceptance, patience and empathy, and then a chosen commitment to each other and the future? True love is the most powerful known bond and motivator. It is stronger than fear, which cripples, and it alone can soften hate and misunderstanding; often indirectly but nonetheless powerfully.

We have a job. As members of the romance-writing community, we must inspire. We must show the breadth and depth of conflicts that true love can overcome, and the heights that human beings can achieve while so inspired. We must strive to set the bar higher and higher, reminding each other of what is possible, and of what is good. At the beginning of a new year, especially one with so many question marks, let us remember that in our own way we are sentinels against darkness. We are celebrants of life.

Love is a light we all can—and must—carry.

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