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The Devil's Share Box Set The Torn Series
The Devil's Share Box Set
The band's back together just for you. Join Dash, Smith, Jacks & Luke and take one more wild ride. learn more
The Torn Series
Where matters of the heart are at stake, it takes strong women who are torn by life's complications. learn more
Karli's Resolve
Karli's Resolve
In their realm, a loving triad was welcome, but for Karli's parent's, anything less than a wealthy, powerful alpha would do, so they tore Karli away from her two true loves. learn more
Mystic Going Under
On the run, & he's still trying to figure out how that happened, Trask must keep psychic Allys Joel, from getting killed before they get to Mystic, Wyoming. learn more
Going Under
Gracie knew a serious relationship in college would be complicated, but she never thought the day Noah told her he loved her, she should have left him. learn more


Boroughs for the Holidays

Boroughs for the Holidays
Check out all our holiday titles.

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Tips & Answers


  • 1) Take the laptop in the bathroom. Lock the door.
  • 2) Tell everyone you’re going to the store – take the laptop & write in the parking lot.
  • 3) You’re putting together the holiday playlist & you need quiet for...two hours.
  • 4) Spend copious time in the attic/basement looking for decorations - with the laptop.
  • 5) Tell everyone Aunt Sophie is going to give you the nutbread recipe – drive away with the laptop.
  • 6) You have a banging headache – send everyone to the movies, IMAX double feature.
  • 7) At dinner, ask Uncle Frank to tell his first Rolling Stones concert story. Disappear with the laptop.
  • 8) Collect all the overdue library books & go to the library – for three hours.
  • 9) You have extra volunteer duty at the community center. Could take four hours.
  • 10) The dog needed to be groomed, and this time you waited for him to get done.
  • 11) Last minute wardrobe malfunction – you have to find another dress to wear.
  • 12) Drink water out of a vodka tumbler – act drunk, then go to bed & write.


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From the Editor's Desk

From Our Authors

From Our Authors

Hey guys! I hope that everyone has a wonderfully magical holiday season full of laughter and love...and
maybe some liquor. This year was truly amazing, and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store.
Happy holidays,
LP Maxa

Remember through this magical season that love makes anything possible.
From my family to yours, may your home be filled with joy and light.
Merry Christmas,
M. Tasia

It's been a tough year. So much has happened and the world has changed, for the worse and for the better.
One thing will always stay true though. The love I have as an author for my readers, supporters,
fellow writers, and publishers. The passion I have for writing stories.
The festive season is upon us and I wish you all the best for your celebrations and for
the new year ahead. May you and your families all stay safe and well,
and let's look forward to 2018 with positivity and hope.
~ Susan Mac Nicol

Happy Holidays to all my fellow authors and amazing readers! Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful,
whatever brings you happiness...may it be yours this Holiday Season, and throughout the coming year.
Thank you for the love and support throughout 2017.
Warmest Wishes,
Roxanne D. Howard

Happy Holidays from sunny, not-so-warm Charleston, South Carolina. I hope that you have a very happy,
healthy and safe holiday; whether you travel or stay home. From my family to yours, we wish you a warm
and joyful holiday filled with love and laughter. We would also like to send a special message to all of
the troops stationed abroad, thank you for your service, loyalty and dedication.
Lots of Love,
A.F. Crowell

I confess that I don’t really have the holiday spirit as much as many people. I’m more of a Halloween girl, myself.
So it was a huge challenge when Boroughs asked me to do a holiday romance. Thankfully, my mom was a
Christmas nut, so she inspired the heroine in Metal and Mistletoe.
Dezra, a death metal singer, loves Christmas so much that her treat to herself when she gets out of rehab for her
alcoholism is a solo vacation to Yellowstone, where she can have a Christmas tree, a holiday feast, and enjoy a
winter wonderland. She is shocked when Curtis, a thrash metal guitarist who she’d met in rehab, is staying in
one of the cabins at the resort. Curt is a humbug about Christmas and came to the cabins to avoid his family.
Dezra is determined to get him into the holiday spirit.
Metal and Mistletoe was a fun book to write and got me into the spirit as well.
I’m putting up my tree this week and I have some horror movie themed decorations to hang on it. Then I plan to
curl up by the fire and read all month so I can get inspiration for my next Hearts of Metal book.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah,
Brooklyn Ann

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, may your days be filled with joy and your bookshelves lined with
never-ending books and happily-ever-afters. Here's wishing you a storybook season of cheer!
~ Marilyn Baxter

Hello, and Merry Christmas to all readers and my family at Boroughs Publishing. I’ve been busy getting ready
for the season, and I’ve also been busy making music, playing Christmas concerts at street fairs, libraries,
nursing homes and such. Christmas Day will be quiet - just Charles, me and the pups,
but we expect family for after-Christmas and New Year’s fun.
Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you and yours in 2018,
Emily Mims

Sending warm holiday greetings this wintry season, and wishing you and your family
comfort, joy, and hope this Christmas.
~ Adele Downs

Happy Festive Season
The Love Sabrists would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Hailing from Australia, where
it’s summer, our Christmases tend to be hot. Christmas Day is usually spent outside, at the beach or
in the pool. So, wherever you are, however you celebrate this holiday season, we hope you enjoy this magical
time of year surrounded by loved ones. We wish you peace, happiness, and a little bit of romance,
as well as happy reading for 2018. Keep an eye out for our Love Sabre anthology out February 2018.
Best wishes,
Tanya Kean, Megan Colville, Laura Simpson, Kristine Charles,
Rachael Howlett, Nardia Sheriff and Melanie Coles

May your holidays be merry and your New Year be bright. Here's to reading books all day and all night.
~ Riley Parks’s chilly in my neck of the woods in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s that time of year when I like to snuggle under a
warm blanket with a cup of cinnamon tea in one hand and my favorite romance in the other
(or watch my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie). I hope you have plenty of reading and relaxing time.
Happy Holidays,
Amanda Uhl

Happy Holidays, my festive readers!
At this time of year, I know we're all busy with parties, planning, presents, and preparations. (Ha, alliteration!)
Don't forget to make time for yourself. You need to replenish your reserves for everything that happens in this
season, so take a break, escape, relax; and what better way to rejuvenate than to disappear into the pages of a book.
My book, Mystic, will lead you on a merry cross-country chase with adventure, a few chuckles, suspense, and, of
course, romance. Although Mystic is not a Christmas story, it should leave you with a smile or two. Mystic comes
out December 19, and until then you can count down the days with me by following my Mystic Advent Calendar
on Facebook ( or Twitter (@GabiStevens).
One peek into the book every day until its release.
Until then, Merry Everything, and may all your days be filled with wonder, delight, and happiness.
~Gabi Stevens

Hope this holiday season there's a Christmas party hop, mistletoe, and some
rockin' around the Christmas tree fun for you.
~ Sheri Humphreys

Everyone at Boroughs Wishes All of You a Joyous Holiday Season
& A Happy, Healthy New Year

Happy New Year