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Happy Place Metal and Mistletoe By the Light of a Christmas Moon
Happy Place
Two years after spending one blissful night with her lifelong crush, Cassie Huntington meets Declan Preston again during the Christmas season, and secrets and lies turn into a fake wedding that just might save their love. learn more
Metal and Mistletoe
Being a rock star has its advantages, but this Christmas Curtis Scrimm and Dezra Hopkins are going to learn no high can beat the true reason for the season: love. learn more
By the Light of a Christmas Moon
Jamie Merrick and Rosemary Forestal have lived for the day they can be together as husband and wife, and the day is nearly here. Except another man wants to make her his princess, and how can Jamie deprive her of that? learn more
Heart of Stone The Christmas Blend Evergreen
Heart of Stone
After being jilted at the altar, Claire Walsh decides to take her California Christmastime honeymoon alone--and finds a heart more in need of healing than her own. learn more
The Christmas Blend
Much to the dismay of her very Victorian parents, young widow Isobel Duckett takes over her dead husband's brewery and finds the strength of her convictions--and a most unexpected love. learn more
For musician Leilani Mahuiki and her sick daughter, Bradley Barstow is the answer to a Christmas wish--if he can see past the unconventional to the sublime. learn more
Once Upon a Mistletoe Merry Belle and the Holiday Hookers of Larkspur Lake Christmas Across Time
Once Upon a Mistletoe
This year, under the mistletoe, the leading man of aspiring playwright Yardley Lemmon's Christmas play will rewrite their relationship forever. learn more
Merry Belle and the Holiday Hookers of Larkspur Lake
Small-town Sheriff Devlin Montgomery and murder suspect Merry Belle Noelle have every reason to distrust each other, but with her pack of wacky holiday crochet nut friends involved, this crazy and mysterious yarn will end in love. learn more
Christmas Across Time
Snowbound in Nashville, Joan McGavock and Lincoln Banner are about to be possessed—by amorous ghosts, by a dark and compelling mystery, and by love. learn more


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