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Showered With Love

With Vengeance Kiss and Confess Luxury Model Wife
With Vengeance
Being a female guitarist for a Heavy Metal band is challenging enough, but stepping into the shoes of a deceased, beloved star is killer, especially when the bassist could be much more than your band mate. learn more
Kiss and Confess
Charley finally has a shot at lasting love as a contestant on a reality show that pairs her with the perfect match. Problem is, the one who broke & stole her heart is the show’s producer. learn more
Luxury Model Wife
A trophy widow is navigating treacherous social waters & wants nothing more than the love she craves. Perhaps the man helping her set the estate to rights is the One. learn more
The People's Champion Eldercynne Rising It's You
The People's Champion
After learning everything in her life was a lie, Mara sets a new quest for herself & her partner Dalin, the person who has come to mean more to her than she could have dreamed & whose life is on the line along with hers. learn more
Eldercynne Rising
Reina only dreams the future when she is in danger. When she starts dreaming the past, she’s pretty sure she’s screwed. Thrust into a world of danger, magic & ancient secrets, help from a mercenary sorcerer is her best chance at survival. learn more
It's You
Jack & Darcy shared one perfect moment in high school. Twenty years later the pull is still there, but dark forces in Proctor’s Woods sends them on their real journey to find that what they have meant to each other is more than ever imagined. learn more

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A short monthly piece to show what's happening in the editor-in-chief's brain...and in his office. Besides reading. Lots of reading.

Past Perfect, or Future Tense?

Chris KeeslarI was (or have been) a writer. When I was between eight and twenty, I consistently worked on producing stories or novels. I stopped.

Commercially successful or not, writers write. It is not that they have written, but that they are actively engaged in producing something or honing their craft for the benefit of their next project. (The way you hone your craft? You write.)

The current age is one of immediate gratification. Many people focus on rewards rather than reality, and are as likely to be successful as a high school wide receiver dreaming of his Super Bowl celebration before he makes his Homecoming catch—or a past Super Bowl champion thinking his ring makes him an automatic contender forever.

Being a writer is a way of life. Like being a physically fit person, it’s lifelong and done without the necessity of a competition, or rather, the competition is internal and every day. It does not require outside encouragement, mentorship, or even public success, though those things are, of course, nice. Writing is the journey and not the destination, though the trek can take you higher and to increasingly beautiful—or I suppose lower and increasingly horrific—places.

So, know what you’re signing on for. Be honest with yourself. Do you want to be a writer, or do you just want money and fame? Focusing on the latter is almost immediately destructive, no matter your medium. So, one foot in front of the other. Live in the now. And as you embrace today—put your butt in the chair and write—tomorrow often offers new horizons and possibilities.

Navigating those correctly is a whole different ball game.


Where you get to hear the people who make publishing–and Boroughs especially–what it is.


Short pieces by our authors

Brooklyn AnnBrooklyn Ann Love & Shredding

I’ve been asked why rock stars make good romance heroes; the truth is, they don’t. So why did I choose to write about them? Because they’re challenging.

Successful musicians are on the road constantly, whether they’re on tour, heading to the recording studio, making music videos, attending award ceremonies; they’re not home much and they’re not about creating stable environments. There’s little time for a serious love relationship. Other challenges include rampant drug use in the industry and the constant temptation of fans throwing themselves at band members – read groupies.

With Vengeance In the first two books in my Hearts of Metal series, I solve the always on the road issue by having my heroines working alongside the heroes as part of the band – you’ll have to wait and see how I solve that one in book 3. The reality of sex and drugs as commonplace in the world of Heavy Metal demanded careful handling; I tried to balance fantasy fulfillment with reality.

Another constant challenge is handling gender dynamics. The Heavy Metal world is male dominated, so my heroines have to overcome sexist assumptions and prove themselves worthy of being one of the guys while maintaining their female identity.

Challenges aside, rock stars are a delight to work with. Besides their larger than life personas, a man carrying a guitar can be, and often is, an aphrodisiac. Music has always been a great passion of mine and I am overjoyed to explore that love on the page.

With Vengeance, features Katana James who faces the daunting task of filling the shoes of Bleeding Vengeance’s revered guitarist who I killed off in the last book. Her growing attraction to the bassist, Klement Burke, who has a secret identity and a mysterious, malevolent stalker, lends credence to the road to love with a rocker is paved with struggle. The book releases in May and I hope you’ll enjoy the adventure. Rock on.

Jane Lynne DanielsJane Lynne Daniels The One Who Got Away

You remember. The way your heart beat extra fast when you heard that voice, the breathless anticipation when you were about to see him, the exhilarating highs and lows of a love so intense, it forever marked your heart.

And then it was over. The timing might have been wrong, you both were too young, or there were obstacles too big to overcome.

You moved on. He moved on. But you never forgot. You tucked that memory in a special place, where no one but you could touch it. Every once in a while, a song, a place, a scent brings it out of hiding and you smile. And wonder. Oh so briefly – what would have happened if things had turned out differently?

Kiss and Confess It’s one of the most popular tropes in romance. I’m sure there are as many reasons for that as there are romance readers, but I like to think it’s because once we love that deeply, we never forget the person or the feelings. If we have occasion to take that shiny memory out and play with it for a moment, we’re reminded of who and what we once were in a different time and place. And how far we’ve come. Or not.

My Love Rewritten series, as well as my new Love Unscripted series, launching with Kiss and Confess, are all about a second chance with that one person the heroine never could forget. The couples meet again, often in the most unlikely of circumstances, and the flame reignites.

What we don’t act on in real life, we often enjoy reading about.

Because once in a while…we wonder.

Adele DownsAdele Downs Once More on the Merry-Go-Round

When I started writing Luxury Model Wife, I had no intention of telling a story about second chances. I wanted my novel to be about a woman that overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds who deserves to win the rewards of a deep and abiding love after having lost what she believed was her shot at happiness.

If we’re not fortunate enough to find that type of happily ever after, we want to believe it is possible. Our search for validation of the premise is often found in the romance novels we read. It’s why the trope is popular and enduring.

And, it gives us hope.

Luxury Model Wife Like my heroine, I know about second chances at love and career. I also know how hard it is to be self-supporting and to struggle. Yet, despite the odds, I’ve learned it’s possible to meet Mr. Right, raise a family, and form an unbreakable bond. So far, ours has lasted thirty wonderful years.

Romance and true love are real. We read and write romance novels because we know that with the right partner, life-long love is possible. The struggles of daily life may – and often do – get in the way and stay with us, but with love, kindness and compromise, we can overcome anything.

Every heart deserves a second chance at happily ever after.